The 5-Step Strategy That Helped Me Build a 5-Figure Per-Month Merchant Account Business 

(while going against typical industry influence)

Here's What You'll Discover On This Exclusive Webinar:

►How to find and attract your ideal high margin merchant clients starting immediatley... and how to keep growing month after month!  

►Why selling a "lowest" rate program is actually hurting you (and your merchants) and how to write deals at a margin of at LEAST 40 basis points times monthly volume.  

►The story of how ONE simple relationship turned into a new merchant client worth $1,274/month WITHOUT a typical sales meeting or doing any traditional prospecting!

A proven closing process that turns typical sales presentations into simple conversation while generating a profitable portfolio of loyal merchant clients who refer you to all their friends.  

►How to automate your sales process and turn cold leads into happy merchant clients who stay with you for years!  

►Why reviewing statements and offering to lower rates is an OBSOLETE practice... and how to land high profit merchants with half the effort and work!  

►AND... how to do all of this without cold calling, sending rate proposals or chasing prospects AND without doing any other typical industry practices that leave you burned out and frustrated!  

Brian has been in the payment processing industry for 10+ years. He helps independant contractors and ISO's get more merchants and provide value beyond just merchant servcies.  

His specialty is in helping reps create systems and processes for growing and maintaining a high value merchant portfolio.

Are you ready to learn how to grow your portfolio?

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